Primeras rutas de demostración de Excapic en sus comienzos. - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Since 2020

A Spontaneous Idea

Excapic was born as an idea during the celebration of the 1st Edition of the Incamp Tourism Hackathon. However, its founding team did not give wings to the idea until a year later after pivoting from a previous entrepreneurial project. It was at this point that Excapic began to roll with the development of its first MVP (minimum viable product).

Excapic was born as a solution for all users who love cultural and historical tourism and who need alternatives that allow them to get to know the city they are visiting with an educational and fun proposal for the whole family.

What do we do?

Hack The Culture

Access routes-gymkhana, where you will be guided through an immersive narrative that will force you to follow clues to complete your adventure, overcoming trials with your smartphone while discovering historical sites full of tradition and history.

Nuestra aplicación de rutas en funcionamiento. Estable, segura y ligera. - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic







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Who are we?

Our team

Co-fundador de Excapic, Jesús Valencia Potenciano - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Jesús V. P. | CEO & Founder

Degree in Computer Engineering

Co-fundador de Excapic, Raúl Mortes Illescas - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Raúl M. I. | CTO & Founder

Degree in Computer Engineering

Co-fundadora de Excapic, Mª Concepción Navarrete - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Concha N., CDO & Founder

Degree in Humanities

Staff de Excapic, Raúl Botella - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Rafael B. S. | Content Prod.

Master in Archaeology

Staff de Excapic, Antonio Maciá - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Antonio M. L. | Content Producer

Degree in History

Staff de Excapic, Martín Chait - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Martin C. | Prod. Content

Degree in History

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Información TV - 30/09/2022

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They talk about us