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We have compiled the questions that customers often ask us. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us via the contact section.

Routes and format

We offer self-guided routes-gymkhana of a tourist, historical and/or cultural nature.

Excellent question!

The fact that the routes are self-guided is one of our hallmarks and it means nothing more than that they are carried out directly on our own, requiring only a mobile phone; giving us the opportunity to carry out the activities at any time of the day, without reservation, at your own pace. The route adapts to you and not the other way around.

The phone will act as a guide; showing us the route, telling us the stories and curiosities of the route; it will propose questions and answers as we go along the route.

This concept responds to the way of understanding routes as itineraries, in which, in order to continue advancing, we will have to answer a series of questions that the platform will propose to us.

These tests can be of a diverse nature, such as classic questions that we can answer with one or more answers, look at a semi-hidden element of our environment, find a specific location… In any case, from Excapic we want to make culture accessible and the difficulty of the challenges is simple, since they are not exams, but ways to soak up better what we are learning.

When we have completed one of the tests, the next stage of the route will be unlocked. As always, all from the phone.

Of course, the routes can be done in groups or individually.

The duration of the routes is not the same for all of them, and each route has an explanatory sheet which indicates the estimated times with greater precision, but to give you a general idea, they usually last around an hour.

Although we remind you that the duration of the route depends entirely on the user, since it is carried out autonomously… You decide how long it takes!

This is an issue that can vary from one user to another. Some routes are more demanding and others less so. In any case, each route has its own information sheet showing the estimated duration, accessibility and distance of the route.

Purchase and payment

Credit or debit card.

1º In the menu of our web page click on the section “Routes”.
2º From the list of routes-gymkhana, select the one you want to do.
3º Check the details of the route-gymkhana and complete the short purchase form.
4º After the purchase, check the e-mail address you entered where you will receive your access link to the route, that’s it, let the adventure begin!

The link to access the routes arrives instantly to your email after making the purchase.
Remember to check your SPAM folder.
However, although it may seem logical, it is necessary to be located at the starting point of the route in order to start it.

To cancel the purchase of one of our routes-gymkhana you have a period of 14 calendar days without justification.
This cancellation period will expire 14 calendar days after the day on which you purchased the gymkana-route. To exercise this right, you must write to us by email to [email protected].
Under no circumstances will you be able to exercise the right of withdrawal if you have already accessed the link provided to start the activity.
Furthermore, once the 14-day period has elapsed, the link provided will expire.


At the bottom of our website you will find our email address ([email protected]), our telephone number (+34 624 04 80 83) and access to a WhatsApp chat.

In addition, in the “Contact” section you can send us any incident by means of a form.

You will also find links to our social networks, Facebook or Instagram:


None. No need to register or download anything, just fill in the form found in each of the information sheets of the routes-gymkanas and complete the data to make the purchase.