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How does it work?

Routes in Alicante

Access routes in Alicante, where you will be guided through an immersive narrative that will force you to follow clues to complete your adventure, overcoming tests with your smartphone while discovering historical sites full of tradition and history.

Step 1

Download the application

Want to discover the city by playing? Start by downloading our smartphone app for Android and iOS.

Step 2

Explore the shop and choose your route

We have different themes and cover different areas and neighbourhoods of the city. Choose yours!


Check the details of each gymkhana-route in its file: distance, duration, price, languages, etc.

Step 3

Log in and complete payment

Indicate the number of people who are going to take part in the gymkhana-route and fill in the details to complete the payment.

Step 4

Start whenever you want

The gymkhana-route is already yours, now you can decide if you want to start it directly or do it later.

Step 5

Be guided by the narrative and discover the city

Enjoy the adventure, following the narrative of each gymkhana-route.

Step 6

Or if you prefer...

Listen instead of reading with the available voiceovers for all the gymkhana-routes.

Step 7

If you need it, consult the map

Can’t find the next stop?


Open the map and locate the destination of the on-screen track to the next location to visit.

Step 8

Solve the quizzes to advance

The quizzes you find in each location you visit can be of different types: location, multiple choice, text or number.


It’s OK if you make a mistake, just try again!

Step 9

Follow the instructions... and enjoy!

Between each location to visit you will receive a clue indicating where to go, follow it and discover the city.

Why us?

Tailored to you

All in One

Directly from our application. No hassle.

Whenever you want

No specific dates or times. You decide when to start your route-gymkhana. (1)

For everyone

Adventures adapted for young and old.

At your own pace

Do you want to stop for shopping or a drink? You can pause the route at any time and resume it later. (2)

Alone or accompanied

You can enjoy all our routes-gymkhanas alone or in groups.

Excapic Explorers Club

Join our clun and receive discounts in commerce, hospitality and more... (3)


They talk about us

(1)(2) Some gymkhanas-routes take place in or have locations with limited opening hours. This will be indicated on the route’s information sheet.

(3) Coming soon.