Medieval Alicante

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Welcome, for the next few hours you will tour the city of Alicante, specifically the medieval areas that correspond to the medina of al-Laqant or the Vila Vella. You will also learn about the legend of Ali and Cantara, the story of two lovers that is said to have given the city its name. You will get to know these places with the help of a map and by solving different tests and riddles. Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, the routes can be done in groups or individually.
We offer self-guided gymkana-routes of a tourist, historical and/or cultural nature.
Excellent question! The fact that the routes are self-guided is one of our hallmarks and it means nothing more than that they are carried out directly on our own, requiring only a mobile phone; giving us the opportunity to carry out the activities at any time of the day, without reservation, at your own pace. The route adapts to you and not the other way around. The phone will act as a guide; showing us the route, telling us the stories and curiosities of the route; it will propose questions and answers as we continue along the route.
This concept responds to the way of understanding the routes as paths, in which, in order to continue advancing, we will have to answer a series of questions that the platform will propose to us.
These tests can be of a diverse nature, such as classic questions that we can answer with one or more answers, or we can focus on a semi-hidden element of our environment, find a specific location…
In any case, at Excapic we want to make culture accessible and the difficulty of the challenges is simple, since they are not exams, but ways to better understand what we are learning. When we have completed one of the tests, the next stage of the route will be unlocked. As always, all from the phone.
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