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What do we propose?

The plan for your youth group

At Excapic we are committed to education. Our mission of historical dissemination makes us sensitive to young people, who require constant innovation in the presentation of cultural content in order to be attractive.


We offer an activity proposal in which groups of young people from the first cycle of ESO to the end of Baccalaureate can take part in this experience. If you are linked to the world of education, you may be interested in organising an activity with us.

Why choose us?

Perfect for young people

Customised content

You can choose any of our routes or propose us to create one to your liking, adapting it to particular curricular needs or to the characteristics of the students themselves.

Servicio de Autobús

Se podrá contratar servicio de autobús en caso de solicitarse por el centro escolar.

Lovable characters

The routes are designed by following a character through the streets of the city. This character will tell us in a playful way the curiosities of each place we pass through.

Small and large groups

You can enjoy all our routes-gymkhanas alone or in groups from 2 to 60 people.

Choose your language

All texts and locutions are in: English, Italian, German, French, Valencian and Spanish.

All in one

Directly from our application. No hassle.


How does it work?

Teachers will be given materials to introduce the activity and divide pupils into groups, thus promoting an improved classroom climate and social learning.

Meeting of activity monitors, students and teachers at the meeting point set for the route to be followed. During the course of the activity, if there are not enough teachers, Excapic will provide a service of monitors who will oversee the correct running of the activity.

Mission accomplished: the end point

Teachers will be provided with an interactive questionnaire (Kahoot type) related to the activity carried out so that, on a voluntary basis, once in the classroom, they can solve it to reflect on what they have learnt in each of the routes carried out.

Nuestra aplicación de rutas en funcionamiento. Estable, segura y ligera. - Rutas en Alicante - Excapic

Learning and playing

School routes


Discover Alicante's
medieval past


Walk through the modernist
streets of Alicante.

Road To

Relive the diary of a
soldier in the Spanish Civil War.

Story from
the Tombs

The souls in the cemetery
will help you to flee

The Flight from the
Cine Ideal

The deep secret
of the forgotten prison

Coming soon

More Routes-Gymkhana in development...


Valencian Community (Spain)

Open hours

Mon. - Fri.: 9h - 17h
Sat.: 9h - 14h
Sun.: Closed

For more information, write to us?

Do you have a question about a route? Do you have a suggestion for us? We are here to help you.


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